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Lights Make the Room

Furniture, flooring and window dressings are important parts of interior decorating. However, there is one element that is even more important. Lights can be very small or even hidden within the rest of a room, but they remain absolutely essential to getting the look you want. I've spent my career helping people decorate their homes, and I can tell you that lighting is the most important decision you will make for any room. From track lighting on the ceiling to floor lights along the baseboard, this blog will help you choose exactly the right type of lighting to fit your personal style.

Lights Make the Room


6 Tips For Keeping A Clean Restroom In Your Restaurant

Restaurants must be clean and hygienic for the health and safety of both employees and customers. Restrooms are important because hand washing is an essential aspect of safe food preparation and handling. Yet, the uncleanliness of restrooms is one of the most common sources of complaints. Clean restrooms are a delight for customers, but they also help increase revenues. Studies have found that patrons will leave a restaurant sooner than they planned if the restrooms are unclean.