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Lights Make the Room

Need Clothing Labels? Two Different Types You Can Choose From

by Sebastian Warren

If you have a clothing line you must use clothing labels on each piece of garment. There are also requirements you have to follow. When you start researching labels that you can use, you will find that there are different types available. Because of this, you may be having a hard time choosing what would work best for you. To help you, below is some information about two types so you can start selling your clothing.

Satin Clothing Labels

Satin clothing labels can be used in a variety of garments. They work especially well if you make children's clothing because satin feels soft next to their skin. Satin labels are thinner when compared to other label types. The thread used is very thin but it is still durable and strong. If you have thin garments, satin labels would work well because the labels are thin and smooth enough that there will be no bulge, and the label will not be noticed through the clothing.

Because finer thread is used there is a tighter knit. This allows for precise details so the lettering is easy to read for customers. You can also put your logo on the label and it will not look faded or muddled in any way.

If you would like to order these labels and attach them to your clothing yourself you will find it easy to do so. You can either sew the labels on or you have the option of iron on labels.

Woven Clothing Labels 

Woven clothing labels are popular among many garment manufacturers. If you sell baby clothing, however, this would not be a good choice. This is because woven labels are not very soft and would not do well against a baby's delicate skin.

Woven labels are beneficial because they are strong and fine details show up well in the weaving. The weaving compression ratio is higher than other types of labels, which means more threads can be weaved. This makes the wording stand out very clear so your customers will find it easy to read. Polyester is often used when weaving woven labels.

Manufacturers generally use either a knife or a sonic laser to cut the labels. The threads around the edges of the labels are secure so they do not fray. You can find woven clothing labels in a variety of colors.

Talk with a clothing label manufacturer to learn more about these labels, as well as others they can offer to you.