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Furniture, flooring and window dressings are important parts of interior decorating. However, there is one element that is even more important. Lights can be very small or even hidden within the rest of a room, but they remain absolutely essential to getting the look you want. I've spent my career helping people decorate their homes, and I can tell you that lighting is the most important decision you will make for any room. From track lighting on the ceiling to floor lights along the baseboard, this blog will help you choose exactly the right type of lighting to fit your personal style.

Lights Make the Room

3 Tips For Creating Effective Packaging Designs

by Sebastian Warren

Packaging design in an important element of any product. Even the best product can be met with disdain if the packaging is difficult to open or does not function as intended. There are ways to create packaging that highlights your product and meets the needs of customers.

Make User-Friendly Packaging

You need to consider both interior and exterior packaging to make sure you are not causing unnecessary hurdles for customers. One common problem is exterior packaging that contains hard plastic. Make sure there is a perforated area that customers can peel back to access the contents. Hard plastic can often be razor sharp when cut, making it a nuisance and danger to customers. Some common internal packaging flaws include spray bottles or aerosol cans that clog easily or lids that do not stay closed. If an item is expected to be used multiple times, it is important to test the packaging over many uses to determine if there is a problem.

When In Doubt, Be A Minimalist

Choosing a minimalist packaging design can seem boring, but it is often more effective to keep your packaging simple. Not only are you reducing barriers between your customer and the product, but you can use a minimalist design to highlight the actual product. For example, if your goal is to sell handmade candles and body products, using mason jars as containers can give customers easier access to the product. They can see, smell, and touch the contents just by removing the lid. A minimalist design is also a good idea when you have a standout product. If your product is a unique colour, texture, and/or smell, you want the product to stand out on the shelf.

Integrate Reusable Packaging

Since many consumers are environmentally conscious, it makes sense to incorporate packaging that can be reused. One example is makeup kits or other cosmetics that come packaged in a cardboard box with pull-out drawers. Buyers would be more inclined to keep their contents in the original container or use it as an organizational system for other items. You may want to consider ways you can incorporate reusable totes or shopping bags as part of your packaging. Even if your packaging is not reusable, it can serve another purpose. Another concept that has been used is packaging made of biodegradable material with plant seeds imbedded in the material. Customers can simply plant their old packaging outside and avoid contributing to post-consumer waste.

The packaging you choose can either enhance or detract from your product. Thoroughly testing your packaging and seeking opinions from trusted people can help you catch problems when they are easier to fix. To learn more about package design, check out a site like http://www.arcandco.ca.