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Lights Make the Room

5 Ways That Age Can Impact A Personal Injury Case

by Sebastian Warren

Personal injury cases are never cut and dry. Each individual has so many factors including the cause of the injury, the type of injury, and the person that was injured. One of the biggest factors that goes into any type of settlement is the age of the person involved. When age is considered for a settlement, it is not just a number. There are five different ways that age can impact an injury case, both with positive and negative impacts. Working with injury lawyers is the best way to break down these factors and get the best settlement possible.

Working Years

When an injury occurs, one of the factors that goes into any settlement is the ability to work. This is where age could play a huge role. For example, if a 25 year old gets a spinal injury, then they are potentially losing 50 years of worker's compensation. If a 70 year old has the same injury, their worker's compensation could be little to none, especially if they are already retired. The average retirement age is currently around 62, making it a big factor into the settlement amounts.

There is a middle ground involved in this too. For example, if a 40 year old was making $100,000 per year and got the spinal injury, then they would likely seek more compensation than a 30 year old that only makes $20,000 per year. Lawyers will use income, healthy years, and employment history to determine potential settlement amounts.

Schooling & Future Careers

Sometimes it's not about the job you were currently at, but the type of employment that you were actively seeking. College student injuries could have a large impact on their future lives. Not only can an injured student possibly be forced to drop out, but they may have to change career paths all together. When this type of problem occurs, lawyers will often map out the future years that you were supposed to have. They will use course studies, majors, and internships to help prove the potential value lost during the injury.

Personal Hobbies

The age factor not only effects your work life, but your personal hobbies could have a large impact too. The young you are, the more likely you will have more active hobbies that could include a lot of losses for multiple years of your life.

Examples of these hobbies include motocross riding, traveling, or extreme adventures like scuba diving and skydiving. When these hobbies are eliminated form your life, a lawyer will factor in equipment costs, club fees, and the emotional changes that the loss causes. This is why it's important to take your  time during an injury case and think of all the possible effects it has on your life.


Injuries and age could have a dramatic effect on the relationships in your life. This impacts both old ages and younger ages. Understanding how the different ages can impact your personal relationships will help establish a solid case.

  • Younger Age Injuries: A traumatic injury while you're younger could impact your ability to have children, create romantic relationships, and sever the ability to properly socialize like you used to.
  • Older Age Injuries: When you're older, the effects of an injury can cause you to separate from a marriage, be unable to care for your children, or force emotional damage between yourself and other family members.

Long-Term Health Issues

Establishing money for any type of long-term health care is one of the more important factors in an injury case. While healing your current injuries is a priority, your age will determine the years of health care needed to thrive in life.

For example, if you had a major leg injury, you could possibly need further rehab and surgery down the line. A lawyer will use medical experts to help determine the possible costs and medical needs. Other examples include the costs for home health services, medical equipment like wheelchairs, or converting a home to make adaptable to your personal injuries.

Consult with lawyers at a firm like Stephens Holman Devraj Barristers & Solicitors to help break down the details of your case. It's a good idea to bring a list of questions that you have so everything is answered and you can understand the case proceedings.