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Lights Make the Room

5 Promotional Products Ideal For New Employees

by Sebastian Warren

Starting a new job can be an anxious and exciting time for new employees. Helping them feel welcome is a good way to make things go smoothly and provide them with a launching point for potential long employment. By gifting new employees with a welcome package, you can help them feel like a part of a team.

The following promotional products will help the new employees represent the company and show off your business at the same time.

Office Supplies

Welcome a new employee to their desk, cubicle, or full office with a variety of supplies. Instead of coming to an empty space, some of the following supplies can help add flavor to the desk.

  • Pens & Pencils: Custom pens and pencils feature your business name, logo, and come in a variety of designs. This include standard pencils, mechanical pencils, or ball-point pens.
  • Notepads: Custom notepads or sticky notes can feature official business logos. It makes it easy for a new employees to write down notes and take messages as needed.
  • Calendars: Personalized desk calendars, wall calendars, or magnetic calendars can add an instant decoration to a new office design. The calenders can feature your business information along with art designs like nature and animal images.


Welcome new employees with a variety of promotional apparel. This is ideal for businesses that feature a lot of customers. The apparel can help the new employee fit in and stand out from the customers.

  • T-Shirts: Great for casual restaurants, small stores, and traveling business like plumbers, a t-shirt is a great way to welcome a new employee and promote your business. Add designs like your logo, website, and contact information.
  • Hats: Give a casual gift of a promotional hat. A variety of designs are available like a baseball hat, bucket hat, or winter hat.
  • Polo Shirts: Showcase a more formal shirt design with a promotional polo shirt. These shirts can come in a variety of colors to match your business branding.


An easy way to welcome new employees is with a variety of cups that can be used around the office.

  • Mugs: Company mugs are easy to order in bulk and will last for years. This allows you to have mugs available for when a new employee joins the business.
  • Travel Mugs: Supply an insulated mug that can be brought from home and work. A majority of these mugs are available in a stainless steel design.
  • Sports Bottles: As an alternative to a travel mug, a sports bottle is ideal for carrying water and can come in a variety of colors set on aluminum.

USB Drives

Give new employees a work accessory that can be used right away. Promotional USB drives are available in a number of file sizes and designs. Each design includes space to print custom business names and logos.

Along with the drive, it's easy to set it preloaded with a number of business needs. This includes digital files of employee manuals or sheets that need to be printed out.

Custom Business Cards

Business cards are one of the easiest ways to make someone feel like an official part of the business. As the employee joins the company, it's good to start out with blank business cards that can be printed on within the office. As the employee reaches an anniversary like a year at the business, newer business cards can be ordered.

Business card designs include basic white cards or more advanced business cards.

These may seem like little things, but the items can go a long way in building the confidence of a new employee. A lot of the items can be ordered in bulk to give you extra supplies for each time a new employee is hired. Continue here for more info.